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Venice Biennale 2003
Virtual Reality Installation


City Rooms is a virtual world which involves the viewer gradually, done to be observed and enjoyed through the Internet, and which presents the opportunity to participate and interact with the spaces I have fractally explored in my work. A house-universe protects behind naked walls the intimacy of the habitat, submerged in a unique and homologating urban space. The observer has autonomy in choosing a tour of the digital work. By transposing a door, pulling a curtain, by opening a window, he/ she can go into the rooms, discovering in each the characters that dwell in them and keep them warm, even in contradiction and conflict. They will have access to the furniture and personal belongings of its owners. The visitor freely explores these elements, using the aesthetics of video-games to wander through the spaces of a city-house that goes on becoming more and more personal. The path through the art piece allows for the exploration of the urban spaces common to each room, the leveled out city that houses and obliges, the swarm on the streets. Only the return to the intimacy of spaces leads to another kind of experience. By being able to "navigate" through the rooms, the spectator becomes an integral part of the proposal. He can go through and snoop around the objects in a drawer or on a night table. Eventually, he runs into the intimacy of the house-heart, the one that repeats itself in the lives of everyone: social-political behaviors, nakedness, sex, religious beliefs, memories; allowing, together with a moment of intromission into that last and irreducible refuge of the soul, house and city; a transportation into a timeless instant, when that house becomes one's own, every room carving and defining the spaces that make us up: a fraction in the wholeness of man, an universe in the heart of the same man. A Reality that agitates within us today.